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A simple, interactive and unique service that makes understanding your finances a whole lot easier!

Instead of having mountains of paperwork detailing your income, expenses, pensions and investments, why not have one simple, detailed, yet visually attractive report?

The first report will provide you with a comprehensive financial health check but that is just the start. We also offer the ability to add custom ‘What if?’ scenarios which are used for future plans that are not set in stone. These can include anything from buying a second car or home, to taking early retirement, to going on a luxury cruise.

Have a look at our Case Studies now to see exactly what you can expect from the report, the possibilities really are endless!

Once you have setup an account you will be able to enter your financial information which we will be able to use to produce your report.

Don’t worry about the misuse of this information as we keep everything completely confidential!

So why not give it a try today? 


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Ever asked yourself one or more of the following questions?


  • When will I be able to retire and how much will my pension income be?
  • I want to move to Southern France once I retire; would I have the sufficient resources to follow this dream?
  • Would I be able to lower my tax burden?
  • Am I able to lower the inheritance tax payable on my estate?
  • Would I be able to restructure my debt?
  • Are my current investments sufficient to meet future objectives?


Based on your situation and financial resources we build a customised plan which offers answers to the questions that currently pop up in your financial situation. Our team of experts will analyse your current estate and cash flows. We set up an accurate scenario in which we model your future cash flow and incorporate any life events in the overall model.

We can factor in a range of possible scenarios that you are likely to face over the coming years. We can then see if your current situation is strong enough to withstand the (un)-wanted scenarios and events. Our graphical reports can identify specific years of potential shortfalls and will reflect life events in the overall model and their respective financial implications.


Who can benefit?

  • Young professionals
  • Income generating professionals

  • Young families
  • Company owners
  • Self-employed professionals

  • Those already retired
  • Those who want to retire
  • Possible scenarios :
  • Career exchange
  • New home
  • Investment products
  • Possible scenarios :
  • EID/SEED investments
  • Estate Planning
  • University budget planning
  • Possible scenarios :
  • EID/SEED investments
  • Estate Planning
  • University budget planning

Case Study 1

Additional Family Member

What we can do…

Factoring in the scenario of having another child, this family sees a shortfall specifically during the years that this child enters sec- ondary school and university. This further im- pacts the parents’ disposable income later in life.

Did you know?

  • The cost of raising a child until they are 21 has risen to £222,458 on average. That is a 4% increase from last year, and a 58% rise from 2003.
  • The biggest expenses are education and childcare. The former can rise up to £72,832 – this includes the new Uni- versity fees, but does not account for private schooling. The additional cost for private day-schooling comes in on average at around £106,428.
  • The latter can amount to up to £63,738 which is a 61% rise.


Case Study 2

Drawdown vs. Annuity

How we help you in making the right decision…

The graphs overleaf compare a client’s situation if they were to retire at the age of 55, choosing either the annuity (the green bars) or drawdown income (the yellow bars) of income payment during retirement.

We have assumed that the client takes out the, under current legisla- tion, allowed tax free lump sum of 25% (shown in pink).

Your big decision: Income Drawdown vs. Annuity

The big decision is whether you take out this pension as an annuity (a financial product, which guaran- tees to pay a fixed amount every year, providing certainty through- out retirement) or if you opt for an income drawdown (this method leaves your pension fund invested in securities. You draw an income from this fund whenever needed).


The top graph represents the scenario where they take out an annuity upon retirement. He has a smaller yearly income than in the next case but rarely has to dip into his savings to cover his expenses.

The second graph represents the situation where they opt for income drawdown. The yearly income varies, giving the client more flexibility. The annual drawdown amount reduces over the years. The client has to dip into his savings and even has a small shortfall later in life.



Partnership with Ascot Wealth Management

ascotWe partner together with the financial experts at Ascot Wealth Management in order for us to offer the most professional and complete financial plan. AWM has knowledge in many areas and we incorporate this knowledge into our Model Your Cash Flow business.

Addressing the needs of Individual Investors and planning for the needs of a Secure Future. That’s exactly what AWM stand for. Financial planning is at the forefront of everything they do. Our specialists will guide you through all important decisions and work out planning solutions for you.



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